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Living life as uniboober with cancer and all her many gifts

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When will this shit end?

I thought that Exemestane was my new BFF, felt ok apart from the ongoing problem with my hands getting worse to the point that I can’t grip very well, holding a cup is a real struggle!  When I almost dropped a hot cup of coffee onto myself I thought I’d better ring Dr O and…

No cancer

Just a quickie to say the lump is a seroma, quote big which looks like honeycomb so can’t be drained. Also had a biopsy cos of the skin changes but surgeon quite confident it’s not cancer, get those results over the phone Friday. thank u for all your support as usual xxxxxxx

Meet my new little friend, Exemestane

I’ve been on these tablets for a few weeks now and although my hands still don’t work properly from the previous shit, these seem to be ok, whoop whoop! They aren’t without side effects though, now, come on, that would be too easy.  The first few days I took them in the morning and was…

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